Today’s presentation

(Discussion 1: Basically, what is a trigger to originate strong motivation to learn English for students who have received intensive courses?)
Chika mentioned that environment where students are forced to touch English in intensive course is a first step to motivate learning English, it is so natural. Nozomi also said that surrounding and other friends with students is a trigger to keep motivation.
(Discussion 2: Which curriculum do you support in EFL? The regular program or the intensive program?
If you cannot support both curriculums, what should Japanese institutions do for students?)
Satomi supports intensive program for Japanese learners. In addition, Chika argued that it is effective to introduce intensive program for beginners and shift into regular program to learn more academic topics by confirming grammar and lexical expressions.
(Presenters’ impression)
It was too difficult to understand contents in each section because there are many opinions to answer research questions, but we could learn many issues that the study showed: how to conclude and find suitable answer based on cause and effects of the results, and difficulties to consolidate assumption of the participants.

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