SSK (SunnySide of Kyoto)(+16/382)Meeting the graduates

Some of my seminar graduates visited my office

They were the seminar graduates of three years ago. They turned or are turning 24 this year, and seemed to get accustomed to their job. One came all the way from Ishikawa, taking the train very early in the morning. We spent only two hours, and it was an enjoyable time for us all.


★One more thing:Seminar is a special occasion to share personal views as well as academic interests.



SSK (SunnySide of Kyoto)(+15/381)Four sessions in a row

I have many courses to teach this year

On two days in a week, I have four sessions in a row. When converted to classes in junior/senior high, it would be eight classes in a row. It is unbelievable.

I will be teaching the largest number of courses in my college life. It is because some of my courses were not offered last year and because we have a shortage of teaching staff.


★One more thing:Don’t complain, just work harder.



SSK (SunnySide of Kyoto)(+14/380)Coursed at DWCLA

After one year interval, I resumed my teaching at Doshisha Women’s College

Everyone seemed to be enthusastic, motivated and showed interests in my course. I was happy about that, but a rather smaller number of people registered the course coparing to the courses I taught two years ago. It seems that few students remember me. This is a good chance. I would like to offer more interesting and insightful sessions to them.


★One more thing: There are many students I do not know on the campus. I felt like I was in a different college. It might be a good chance to change my sytle of teaching.


SSK (SunnySide of Kyoto)(+13/379)A new role at DWCLA

I will act as a director of the Center for educational development and support

Today was the first meeting day and first met about 15 members of the steering committee. It was a TV meeting connecting between two campuses—Imagegawa and Kyotanabe.

It seemed to a traditional Japanese meeting; Very few people responded to my proposals. Basically, however, my visions seemed to be approved and shared by all the people there.

Let’s get started.


★One more thing:Showing visions is crucial for starting a new project.



SSK (SunnySide of Kyoto)(+12/378)Doshisha Graduate School

Nice people

I also restarted teaching at the graduate school of Doshisha University. Fortunate thing is that I could always meet lovely people. What I mean by loverly people is that I could feel at home by talking with them.

The classes at this graduate school is back-to-back class. I have 3 hours to teach. Usually, at the first class, instructors just explain the course schedule and the grading policy with the self-introduction of the instructor and the course participants. I would take 60 minutes at most.

At this graduate school, however, I spent 3 hours from the beginning. They asked good questions to elicit more information from me. They are genius. Finally, we enjoyed an activity to share the vocabulary learning strategies.

Doshisha naturally offers comfortable learning circumstances. Doshisha is loverly.


★One more thing: It might be exaggeration, but I could feel the sprit of the founder of this university. I always appreciate the opportunity to teach in such a fabulous place.



SSK (SunnySide of Kyoto)(+11/377)Kyoto University

I started teaching again at Kyoto University

It is almost one year’s absence, but I have realized that all the participants are cooperative and thoughtful as they were before. It might be because of my alma Marta, and I might see them in a favorable light. Even so, they have high potentials in academics.

I look forward to having a good discussion with them.


★One more thing:Kyoto University should be ranked higher in TIMES Higher Education Ranking.



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