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Week 2 of the autumn semester. More students found interest in my course about Foreign Language Learning and Teaching. Postive comments or suggestions to the course are encouraging me and motivating me.

Last semester, I spared more time for discussion and communication among the participants, which were accepted positively. Especially, making random groups for discussion or making a small talk including self-introduction seem to be working for them. I think that active learning means that the class leaves something memorable. Stating one's opinions or hearing others' ideas would be leading to a "take-home message."

Hearing more opinions from students, I would love to develop this course. I have fabulous course attendants this semester also.



SSK (Sunny-Side of Kyoto)(+190/555)

I gave a small talk about how to get high performance at the TOEFL or IELTS test today. About 20 students attended this event. I emphasized the importance of vocabulary and the usefulness of the CALL materials and smartphone.

I also remembered when I took the TOEFL test or studied at the University of Toronto. It was almost 20 years ago, but that experience made my foundation of research. I met nice people there, indeed. Working for hard is not easy, but important. Good luck to the students who attended the talk.



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It is October. Many of senior seminar members attend the ceremony for celebrating job approval for next year. Congratulations. When I left the office and approached JR. Nijo Station, I encountered a long line of people waiting in front of Tenka-ippin ramen restaurant. Oh, I have completely forgotten. Today was Tenichi's day and I should have also lined up for a free coupon. Mmmm...



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I had many visitors today. Two former seminar students, one coming back from Australia came to see me in the morning. In the evening, one former seminar student who also experienced teaching Japanese in Australia and her Aussie friend. They were both fun!

PS. I went to Shikura Ramen shop after one and half years' absence. Delicious as always.



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