Andy (#2)

Hi everyone! This is the second time for me to write this blog. Today, I'll introduce interesting sentence from "Toy Story". "Reach for the sky!" This means "Raise your hands!" and this sentence is used by Woody who is a cowboy I was very …

J.L (#2)

Hi, everyone. Through this summer project, I feel that continuing is not easy. I hope that my hypothesis will give my English skill positive influence By the way, I finally finish watching “Crash Landing on You”!!! I have already missed th…


Hello, everyone! Today is the fifth day of my summer project. Today's article is about clothing and environment I can do shadowing more smoothly than the first day! p.s. Exactly a year ago, I went to travel with my friend and ate this gela…

Mona (#1)

Good morning☀ My summer project is communicating with many foreign people with “HelloTalk” and studying of TOEIC every day. I really enjoyed ”Hellotalk" and recommend you! By the way, yesterday is the special day for me, “Day of the atom b…


Good evening. This is my first blog. I have started summer project since August 3rd. In my project,I focus on input. I will learn vocabularies and listen English news in Podcast everyday. Today,I worked at part time job all day. So I was…

Jellyfish (#1)

Good evening, everyone! I have started the summer project. Today, I read the daily news on the app called NYTimes and that was about the atomic bomb in Hiroshima. It has been 75 years since the atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima. The a…

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Hi, guys! This is the first blog for me:) During summer vacation, I'm going to improve my vocabulary by memorizing new words every day. By the way, it's too hot....... I can't stand the heat!!!! (35 words)

Vermillion (#1)

Good evening. I am reading “Harry Potter” now. It is very interesting book. I recommend it. In fact, I have never watched “Harry Potter” movies. If you have watched them, please tell me the impressions or what seasons is the best to watch.…

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Good evening☺ Today, I learned English vocabulary by using CD player. The important point of my hypothesis is review. Therefore, I will review today’s vocabulary before going to bed. I want to increase my English vocabulary through this pr…


Good evening☾ Today is the second day of summer project. I am going to watch TED video everyday which long is more than 5 minutes, and I will record my motivation to check Krashen’s affective filter hypothesis. I watched “Financial Depende…


Yesterday, I started my Summer Project! I am looking forward to seeing how my English has improved when this project was over. I am also planning to learn something new language, but I cannot decide which language to learn. I have many lan…

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J.L (#1)

Finally, my summer project has begun!!❤️My English skill will be better after this summer vacation....I’ll do my best.P.S.I am hooked in “Crash Landing on You”recently. Please tell me your recommend movies and dramas. Thanks!Everything has…


Good evening Today, I will start my summer projectI plan to read a book before sleeping for 15 days Today’s book is ''Toy Story''I love this story, so I'm looking forward to reading it On the next blog, I will report today’s project✍ Good …

Clover (#1)

Good afternoon, everyone! I’m Clover Today is my first day of summer project✍ Today, I read and listened the article about "Tokyo Tower", and I did shadowing many times! It was little difficult, but I did my best! p.s. I took this picture …

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SummerTown (+1)

Through 15 on-line sessions, we have learned about second/foreign language learning theories. Now, we are moving to theory into practice. I am going to make a proposal for summer project 2020. I hope it works and be effective to improve th…

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