SSK (SunnySide of Kyoto)(+110/475)

BBC and CNN are reporting largescale Manhattan blackout on Saturday evening. I remmber the black and brownout in Toronto, 2003. This photo is the intersection of Kawaramachi-Imadegawa. (2019.7.14)

SSK (SunnySide of Kyoto)(+109/474) The 17th Poster Presentation of the Department of English

We had a poster presetation today, on Saturday, which resulted in great success. The venue was nice (Learning Commons at Rakushinkan Building), students' posters were beautifully and well organized, their presentation in English was splend…

SSK (SunnySide of Kyoto)(+108/473)

My best friends of my college kindly held a party for me celebrating my return from Oxford. We chatted and enjoyed our talk. Thank you ladies! (2019.7.12)

SSK (SunnySide of Kyoto)(+107/472)

Preparation for the Poster Session has been going well with the cooperation of the seminar members. At night, I attended the all Doshisha Union party at an Italian restaurant. (2019.7.11)

SSK (SunnySide of Kyoto)(+106/471)

I went to a legendary cafe for colleges students--Nakajima Shokudo and was able to meet and talk with the president of that cafe. She was at the same age as my mother--89 years old. I have been attending this cafe for the last 40 years and…

SSK (SunnySide of Kyoto)(+105/470)

Senior Seminar has several geniues. They invented a nice logo and good headings for the poster. Seminar members are also working efficiently by cooperating with each other. They are smart and amazing! (2019.7.09)

SSK (SunnySide of Kyoto)(+104/469)

Senior students are going to have a Poster Presentation Session on Friday. I have found out a new technique to print out the title into two A3 papers thanks to help of the Infomation Office. Wow! (2019.7.08)

SSK (SunnySide of Kyoto)(+103/468)

A new electronic appliance store was in my city. The more the better? (2019.7.07)

SSK (SunnySide of Kyoto)(+102/467)

I went to a sushi restaurant--suhi boats--after one year's absence. The improvments of efficiency and a smaller sushi suprised me. (2019.7.06)

SSK (SunnySide of Kyoto)(+101/466)

Junior seminar had the very first party at a nice bar restaurant in downtown Kyoto. Enjoyable party, indeed! (2019.7.05)

SSK (SunnySide of Kyoto)(+100/465)

Today, we finally reached a agreement of the labor conditions through long and continuous negotiations. The meeting ended at 11:30 pm and reached home at 1am. I was tired but felt satisfaction and happiness. Independence Day of the US. (2…

SSK (SunnySide of Kyoto)(+99/464)

We had a party of the union at a hotel near National Museum of Kyoto. We had a sophisticated time together. (2019.7.03)

SSK (SunnySide of Kyoto)(+98/463)

Doshisha has old and historial buildings, which provide us with a relaxing atmosphere. (2019.7.02)

SSK (SunnySide of Kyoto)(+97/462)

On Mondays, I am teaching two courses at my alma mater. Canada Day. (2019.7.01)

SSK (SunnySide of Kyoto)(+96/461)

One of the good things about Japan is that we can eat delicious sushi at inexpensive price. So delicious! (2019.6.30)

SSK (SunnySide of Kyoto)(+95/460)

Above the station (JR Nijo railroad), beautiful blue sky was observed. (2019.6.29)

SSK (SunnySide of Kyoto)(+94/459)

I was invited to a Kyoto University Orchestra concert at Kyoto Symphony Hall. It was lovely! (2019.6.28)

SSK (SunnySide of Kyoto)(+93/458)

As the Union leader, I attended a negotiation meeting with the leader of the Doshisha governing board and presidents and headteachers of all Doshisha schools. It was nearly 11pm when all the meetings ended. (2019.6.27)

SSK (SunnySide of Kyoto)(+92/457)

I attended a all Doshisha Educational Meeting at Doshisha University. (2019.6.26)

SSK (SunnySide of Kyoto)(+91/456)

For commuting from JR Nijo railroad station to my college, I am riding a bike through the Gosho Imperial Place. It must not have changed for 100 or 200 years. Especially, I like this path. (2019.6.25)

SSK (SunnySide of Kyoto)(+90/455)

My senior seminar this year started from scratch without having a junior seminar. In spite of that, all the 19 members have been working hard by having excellent presentations and discussions. Above all, quite a few members joined by leavi…

SSK (SunnySide of Kyoto)(+89/454)

From my home in a rural Kameoka, I saw a beautiful sky at sunset. (2019.6.23)

2019-06-2SSK (SunnySide of Kyoto)(+88/453)

Sunday is not the end of the week, but the start of the week. If we think so, we can gradually and slowly start the new week. I brought our new dog, Baily, to a dog run at Mizuho-cho. I also happened to meet my friends and old acquaintance…

SSK (SunnySide of Kyoto)(+87/452)

On Saturdays, I usually work at my office and go out for dinner. Today also, I had a meeting with my senior seminar student, who was probably the last member to meet for theses. My colleague, S, also visited my office for worrying about my…

SSK (SunnySide of Kyoto)(+86/451)

Aladdin, I did not expect this movie so much, but my expectation was belied. This was an excellent and exciting musical. Seeing movies at the theater is much better than watching them on PCs. It is worth seeing movies on the theater. (2019…

SSK (SunnySide of Kyoto)(+85/450)

I attended a party if our college in Hotel Okura, which invited all the teachers, staff, and retired teachers. (2019.6.20)

SSK (SunnySide of Kyoto)(+84/449)

I tried to have a haircut once a month. Luckily, I have had a nice barber near my college. He is good. (2019.6.19)

SSK (SunnySide of Kyoto)(+83/448)

Today is our 30th wedding anniversary. I cannot believe that 30 years have passed. I clearly remember the wedding day, and the heat warming speech at the reception, though most of whom gave a speech moved to another world. (2019.6.18)

SSK (SunnySide of Kyoto)(+82/447)

On Mondays, I have classes to teach from 8:45 through 19:00, four seasons. Although it is not easy, I have felt excitement and had some discovery every time I teach. I have good students. (2019.6.17)

SSK (SunnySide of Kyoto)(+81/446)

On Father's Day, I remembered my father, who passed away two years ago. I seemed to hear his familiar tone of voice somewhere from heaven. My son and daughter also gave me line messages with thank you note. It was a beautiful Sunday aftern…

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