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Week 2 of the autumn semester. More students found interest in my course about Foreign Language Learning and Teaching. Postive comments or suggestions to the course are encouraging me and motivating me. Last semester, I spared more time fo…

SSK (Sunny-Side of Kyoto)(+190/555)

I gave a small talk about how to get high performance at the TOEFL or IELTS test today. About 20 students attended this event. I emphasized the importance of vocabulary and the usefulness of the CALL materials and smartphone. I also rememb…

SSK (Sunny-Side of Kyoto)(+189/554)

It is October. Many of senior seminar members attend the ceremony for celebrating job approval for next year. Congratulations. When I left the office and approached JR. Nijo Station, I encountered a long line of people waiting in front of …

SSK (Sunny-Side of Kyoto)(+188/553)

We took our seminar photos for college album. Thanks to the wisdom of seminar students, we enjoyed taking photos. This is at the roof of Learning Commons, which is usually forbidden to step in. (2019.9.30)

SSK (Sunny-Side of Kyoto)(+187/552)

I don't know how badly I have wanted to see them. It is a reunion after one and half years' absence. Everything started with these smart ladies. Two hours was really short, but I enjoyed meeting and talking with them. The very first reunio…

SSK (Sunny-Side of Kyoto)(+186/551)

I was so excited by the victory of Japan against Ireland in World Cup Rugby. Today was the Autumn Commencement day. (2019.9.28)

SSK (Sunny-Side of Kyoto)(+185/550)

I had many visitors today. Two former seminar students, one coming back from Australia came to see me in the morning. In the evening, one former seminar student who also experienced teaching Japanese in Australia and her Aussie friend. The…

SSK (Sunny-Side of Kyoto)(+184/549)

I also started this year's course at Ritsumeikan Graduate School. Different from the courses in the past, I set the course at 5th period, not in 7th. One student in my seminar passed the teachers' employee test in Shimane prefecture. Congr…

SSK (Sunny-Side of Kyoto)(+183/548)

We started a career introduction course in 2019 with all the freshmen of the Department of English. I asked the course participants to keep Good postures, Good disciplines, and make Good contributions to the course. I would like to make go…

SSK (Sunny-Side of Kyoto)(+182/547)

The junior seminar class (Wakazemi XX) also started their autumn sessions. They seemed more independent and more responsible for the seminar. This is a crucial term for them because, in terms of improving their English proficiency, this wo…

SSK (Sunny-Side of Kyoto)(+181/546)

The senior seminar started their autumn sessions. Although intended to be a short session, we had so many things to discuss and the session ended at 7 pm. It was a four-hour session. They are aiming to be the best seminar in the world. Goo…

SSK (Sunny-Side of Kyoto)(+180/545)

I visited Naoya to attend our cousins' meeting. (2019.9.22)

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I attended an exhibition of ceramics made by a great potter, my high school friend. They are so beautiful and well made. He has a gift. (2019.9.16)

SSK (SunnySide of Kyoto)(+173/538)

I had dinner with several of high school friends at a nice restaurant in downtown Kyoto. They are now a doctor, a dentist, a professor, a headteacher, and a potter. It was fun and nice talking with them, reflecting the past, complaining ab…

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