SSK (SunnySide of Kyoto)(+06/372)Orientation for the freshmen

We had an orientation program for newly entered students

One hundred and fifty. This is the number of freshmen this year. In the next four years, what college life they will have? In Oxford, college students will spend only three years with three semesters, which consist of just eight weeks. Instead, Japanese college students have two semesters, which contains fifteen weeks.

With the proliferation of classes, the point is whether students can learn by keeping their initiatives and independence. For that purpose, teachers need to spend time on their own thinking and should not teach too much. After all, students cannot remember what they learn in class. Success in college life in Japan heavily depends on whether teacher can ingeniously prepare “take-home messages” for them.


★One more thing:Not to teach too much. This might be the most important thing for teachers in Japan.




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