SSK (SunnySide of Kyoto)(+05/371)The ceremony of entrance

Our college held the enrollment ceremony of today

Although commencement is held in universities/colleges in UK/Europe/North America, the ceremony of entrance is not usually held there. However, in Japan, both ceremonies are held, and today is the day for my college.

April arouses our special feelings. It might be because of the arrival of spring or because of the full bloom of cherry blossoms. We feel a start of something new in April, which is a contrast with March, which symbolizes farewell or the end of the academic year.

Quite a few foreigners come to Japan to see cherry blossoms blooming, and their choice is right. Cherry blossoms are so beautiful with a slight pink, or slightly white with a mixture of pink, which is difficult to describe in Japanese.

I also saw cherry blossoms in Oxford, but the ones in Kyoto seem more sophisticated and worth flying from far-away countries like the UK.


★One more thing:It is the best season to visit Kyoto. Please come to see beautiful cherry blossoms here in Kyoto.



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