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I went to an Apple Store in Kyoto

I had long wanted to have an apple store in Kyoto, and it opened in Kyoto last year while I was away in Oxford. I was so sorry that I could not go there at the opening day. Actually, I went to Apple Stores in various cities and countries. When compared with those Apple Stores, the one in Kyoto is less spacious but seems to include every necessary element.

I needed to have a new keyboard for Mac Pro. I looked around the store in the ground and 1st floor and bought the keyboard and an accessory for connecting Mac to HDMI without looking them so closely.

When I opened the package and connecting the keyboard to Mac in my office, however, I found out that I bought a US keyboard instead of a Japanese one, which does not have Japanese-English language switcher. I bought a wrong one! Even I discovered the same accessory in my office; I purchased the same device twice!

Although I doubted if I can return accessary or change the US keyboard with the Japanese one (I opened the package!), I decided to revisit the store and ask them. When I arrived at the store, it was around the time when commuters or high school students came home. The store was crowded with people. I was told to wait for 20-30 minutes.

Finally, my turn came, and I explained the reason for replacement or return. Surprisingly, a shop assistant accepted my request without asking any further questions.

The only problem was his understanding of my name. I used Quick Pay (Apple Pay), and he needed information about the credit card I used for payment. When it came to my name, he mentioned in a small voice that I was writing the name of my daughter. I insisted that it was my name, but he did not seem to believe it: Natsumi is usually a girl’s name.

I appreciate the kindness Apple store showed me by agreeing to replace the keyboard or accepting the goods return.


★One more thing:Apple store Kyoto is within 20 minutes distance from my office.



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