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Today is a special day for me and us. Ten years ago, almost all the graduates of the English department wrote a letter to themselves of 10 years later, in 2020.

I forgot the details of how this project started, but it was at the party of the day of graduation thesis presentation on January 14, 2010. Probably, some smart student proposed this idea and all the students and teachers agreed to this. As I was nearly the youngest faculty at that time, I took a role to keep and send them 10 years later.

With the help of three seniors, who entered and are graduating from the department exactly 10 years later than those students, we made a small video clip of "doing the final step of this project--this video will be open to the public this Saturday.
While looking at the envelops, I found many students who are familiar to me and I could not believe that ten years passed.

The making video is available here ()


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