Today's VT

Today, we talked about our hometown for 1.5 minutes each person.

She was born and raised in Kagawa which is the smallest prefecture in Japan. She like to eat Udon so every time she goes back to her hometown, she eats it. The reason why she likes her hometown is she can relieve her stress.

She was born and raised in Shiga prefecture. It is famous for the biggest lake in Japan called Lake Biwa. She like to see it and its view is just marvellous.

She is from Nara. As many people know, it is famous for deers and Buddist statues. In her hometown, socks festival is held every year. It sounds really interesting and she said that it is a marvellous festival.

She is also from Nara and lives in the city which is near form Wakayawa. She said that it is convenient for me to go to Wakayama and it will not take long time to go there form the city where she lives.

She was born and raised in Shizuoka. It is said that the big earthquake will happen in Shizuoka so she said that it is prepare for it in order to evacuate. Some experts alert it.

That is our today’s talk!
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