VT 12/12

H.O was angry about her teacher. She was told to write an essay, and when she brought it to the class, her teacher suddenly said "today we will do presentation." She wanted him to tell the homework correctly.

N.N was angry about the boss of her work. She had a job to be a master of ceremony of the hero show, and she was given script. However, just before the stage the script suddenly changed and she got angry with their planless schedule.

S.N was angry about her sister. Her sister needed to study for entrance exam, but she always studied in the living room. Satomi got angry with it because she could not watch TV.

M.I was also angry about her sister. They shared the bedroom, and her sister often read the book until midnight. She got angry with her because she could not sleep in the dark room.

I was angry about a million of homework to do. I think many professors thought we did not take so much class and had a lot of free time, but we actually had a lot of things to do. That's why I want them not to give us so much homework.


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