VT: What I have been angry about

She was angry with her mother, because she tried to control her about attitude to studying. She felt pressure by it, so she argued with her mother. However, her mother again dyed her with logical statements and then she lost her.

She was angry because Keihan-Line stopped before it arrived at her destination. This unexpected happening interferd her schedule. She had to take off the train and take a taxi.

She rarely anger, but sometimes she anger with people who judge her personality by first impression of her. They judge her from only her face and tell her that you look scary. She thinks that it is a kind of prejudice.

I also anger with people who judge me from only my face. When I meet with people for the first time, they often ask me if I am a mix or not. If I tell them that I am not a mix, they treat me as a lier nevertheless the answer is true. I insist that this is also a kind of prejudice.

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