Today’s VT (My Hometown)

There are many marvelous places in her hometown, Ise. She talked about train there. It has only 1 way and come once an hour. The last one come at 9:41, so her father always come home by 8:30 when he drink outside with his colleagues.

She is from Fukui prefecture. There are not so many people there, so her hometown is a local place. When she is there, she feels to be relieved. Also, she think there is air clearer than Kansai.

She is from Kyoto prefecture. When she was 5 years old, she moved to Fuse, Osaka city. There are many Izaka-ya and subway near her house, and it is near Kanjo-sen. Therefore, it is very convenient to go to USJ. She can go to Namba from her home. She are relieved there.

She is from Neyagawa city, Osaka prefecture. There is little convenient things there, but a famous band, Yotage, was born there. She loves their lyrics. A famous Sumo wrestler is also from the city. He gives Neyagawa people courage. However, unfortunately, she doesn’t have any recommendations there.

I hate my hometown, Kadoma city, Osaka, because the air is unclear and dirty. When I was a junior high school student, I also had a bad experience. I disgusted a classmate because I disagreed her opinion. As a result, she hated me. I think there are many foolish people there.
But this is just a personal opinion.


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