7-16 session

7-16 session (4th period ONLY!)

1.VT topic: How are you surviving the hot and high humid climate in Japan?

2.Reading words of this week
I believe myself and saying to me, ‘This is my day.”

      • Kevin Anderson (South Africa) at the interview after winning against Roger Federer(2018.7.11)


3.統計講座 by 北尾先生
We learned how to use VassarStats.net, used it for our practice while reviewing knowledge we got last session.
・Miscellanea (For basic statistics)
・T-test procedures (For the time when comparing two groups once or one group twice)
・Correlation and Regression (It does not indicate which the cause and effect are. Focusing on the number of ‘r’ and ‘two-tailed’)
Using APA (pp. 119-121)

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