Hello, everyone!

As I mentioned it in the last seminar, I went to the U.S. this summer. I stayed in Portland for about one month.
On the third weekend, I went on a short trip to Seattle with my friends since my school was closed because of the labor day.
We, 5 girls, were going to stayed at a hotel in a room but our room had only one double-bed. So we made two beds with 10 pillows. It was the first time that I asked a hotel staff if we could borrow 10 pillows or not.


5人で行ったのですが、みんなで1ルームに泊まるつもりでした。しかし部屋に入ってみたらダブルベットが1つしかなく、いろいろ試した末に みんなで10個の枕を借りて2つのベッドを作り上げました!笑 すごくいい思い出です。


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