Today’s VT

Her favorite country is France. She visited there as being a freshman to meet her friend for a week. She was impressed by intimate and honorable attitudes of friend’s parents during the stay at a local town, La Rochelle.

Her favorite movies are works of Studio Ghibli, especially she loves Hayao Miyazaki whose pictures are so beautiful and Joe Hisaichi who makes sound tracks in the movie like sporited away. Ghibli Movie shows prosperity of Japanese animation and honorable artists.

Her favorite country is Canada. First, people living in Canada don’t discriminate against LGBT and vegetarians. Second, she was astonished to culture because of big differences with Japan. Third, there are beautiful natures like mountains, sea and forests.


Her favorite singers are Aiko and Namie Amuro. They are honorable for her. This summer, she went to Aiko’s concert but Amuro’s one not yet. So, she hopes to go to her concert before retirement of entertainment world.

My favorite music is J-HIPHOP. Before,I have a stereotypical image of HIPHOP like being noisy, but it was not true. The melody is so mellow and comfortable for me. Moreover, fans are substantially increasing thanks to a TV show, “Free style Rap championship.” I recommend a track maker, EVISBEATS.


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