ALPS group6(Kyoto)

From last week(Oct,10), our group activity started.
At the first time, we had a meeting and decided to our final goal(individual and group). Moreover, we talked about the contents that we have to do in ALPS.

We set up a goal below.
improve our all-round English ability(writing, speaking, reading, listening)
・get a high score of reading part in TOEIC(+150 UP )
improve our vocabulary ability(+25%)

improve one's listening comprehension
improve one's vocabulary ability(to memorize 25 words in a week)
improve quality of Entry

In this ALPS, we study English with group members and aim to achieve our final goal.
In addition, we find our best fit strategy and become a successful learner in the second language.

In order to achieve our goal, we are going to make an effort and keep our motivation.


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