SEX and the CITY

Hello everyone!

My favorite movie is “SEX and the CITY” which was American romantic comedy-drama television series and made into a movie. The show follows the lives of a group of four women in New York. This movie gives me the courage to be living as woman. In addition, I want to have wonderful friends as them.
If you had never seen TV series, you would enjoy this movie! It will make you smile for sure.

私の好きな映画は「SEX and the CITY」です。これはドラマが映画化された作品で、ニューヨークに住む仲良し4人組の生活を描いています。この映画は私に女性として生きる勇気をくれます。また、彼女達のような友達に出会いたいとも感じさせてくれます。


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