ALPS week5 (Berlin)

Firstly, we checked the meanings of words on the handout. This time we tried to imagine them. After that, we pronounced the words. Then we rechecked the meanings of words.

Secondly, we reviewed words on the last handouts.


Today's VT is good things about Japanese people or Japanese culture.

She thinks that Japanese culture is great. The culture is taking off shoes when people enter the room. She likes to keep things neat and clean. When she went abroad in Australia, she noticed it.

She thiknks that Japanese people is kind. They help each other. Japanese sacrifice ourselves, for
example earthquake in east Japan. Furthermore, she thought that Canada is awful because of drug so Japan is peaceful.

She likes Japan where have four seasons. We enjoyed these seasons. In spring, waching cherry blossom. In winter, there are a lot of events for example christmas.

She thinks that Japan is beautiful and regacy country. In Kyoto, there are many temples so we can learn history. She made Japanese sweets once. She felt it is difficult to make the color and shape.

She thinks that there are a lot of beautiful prefecture in Japan and the prefecture has an ambassador. She wants to be her prefecture ambassador and she wants to convey the wonderful points to foreigner.

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