Yesterday we talked about our hometown.

She is from Okayama. She thinks she is vulnerable. So,she often goes to her hometown. Noot long ago, she went to Kurashiki Bikan Chiku(beautiful sight area).She enjoyed eating Kibidango and mitarashi dango.

She is from Fukui. Fukui is famous for Toginbou. This area thrills visiters and leave many casualties, but it is also very beautiful sight. She said it is marvelous! A lot of people endorsement this area.

She is frim south of Osaka. Her hometown is one of the smallest city in Japan.There are a lot of nature. Her hometown is famous for anicient tomb(Kofun). However, there is not big supermarcket.

She is form Imabari, northern city of Ehime. Imabari is famous for Imabari towel. All of the towel that her family use are Imabari towel. There are a lot of nature, beautiful sea called shimanami-kaido. She said it is marvelous!

I&m from Wakayama. My hometown has beautiful nature and I used to play river. The sight is marvelous. In my elementary school, we did not have pool, so we always went to river and took swimming classes. I want you to visit my hometown!

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