10/24 VT

The topic was a future plan after graduating from this college.

She wants to get married until 24 years old and get children at 25 years old. She is optimistic, so she will get the husband who has same way of thinking. In addition, she will have her children inherit her money, so she is going to save money and earn a lot of money.

She has optimism, so she does not decide what she will do in the future after graduating. One of a future plan is she lives happily with her husband.

She wants to get a job that related dancing. She is a dancing instructor now, and she wants to continue this job. She would like to be conceded there people. On the other hand, she wants to get a job as a stable job.

I am not sure what kind of job should I get, but I hope I get a good standing company. I will say “I am a credible person.” when I have a job interview for that reason.


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