Today's VT

Today's topic was a future plan after graduating from this college.

M.I.__She has no idea for her future job, but her vision is so clear. After she started to work, she meets her future husband and quite her job to marry him. She want to have accountability to marry him for her parents, but there is no anxiety that her parents prohibit her marriage.

Y.H.__She wants to be a junior high school teacher because she was impressed her English teacher, who was good at communicate with students. Although she has strong will now, she postponed what she had to do, so she decided to do her best, and working hard now.

T.N.__She wants to work for educational facility because she likes communicating with foreign people. After she started to work, he wants to get married when she is 30 years old, and have family. Also, she want to stay in abroad in the future.

H.O.__She wants to be a high school teaher, so she is studying very hard now. It is difficult for her to study to be a teacher, so if she can become a teacher, she want to be applauded.

R.H.__She did not decide her future plan yet because she is optimistic, but she wants to do a lot of things. However, she will go back to her hometown after she graduate from this college, so she has to focus on searching job to work there.


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