This is my first blog in Wakazemi now!
I would like to write about the activities of SRA.
I read some articles since Tuesday.
The titles which I read are
“About the Statue of Liberty” (50pt)
“A boy becomes a king” (50pt)
“Being a good citizen” (25pt)
“A piano lesson” (25pt)
“The world of plants” (25pt)
“A pig for a pet” (25pt)

In the article “A pig for a pet”, the writer claimed that pig is not suit for pet. I agree with the opinion, but I doubt that this article has negative feeling toward pig.

I also read “About the Statue of Liberty”. I already knew the fact that the Statue of Liberty in America was sent from France as a congratulatory monument of Independence. I could get more information about the statue from this article.

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