SSK (SunnySide of Kyoto)(+12/378)Doshisha Graduate School

Nice people

I also restarted teaching at the graduate school of Doshisha University. Fortunate thing is that I could always meet lovely people. What I mean by loverly people is that I could feel at home by talking with them.

The classes at this graduate school is back-to-back class. I have 3 hours to teach. Usually, at the first class, instructors just explain the course schedule and the grading policy with the self-introduction of the instructor and the course participants. I would take 60 minutes at most.

At this graduate school, however, I spent 3 hours from the beginning. They asked good questions to elicit more information from me. They are genius. Finally, we enjoyed an activity to share the vocabulary learning strategies.

Doshisha naturally offers comfortable learning circumstances. Doshisha is loverly.


★One more thing: It might be exaggeration, but I could feel the sprit of the founder of this university. I always appreciate the opportunity to teach in such a fabulous place.



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