SSK (SunnySide of Kyoto)(+03/369)A chopstick rest

My family held a welcome back party in a Japanese pub last night

A Japanese-style pub, called Izakaya, offers various kinds of good Japanese dishes. Above all, I found a chopstick rest, Hashioki, attractive and very specific to Japanese foods. People use a fork and knife at restaurants in European countries like the UK or France; they just need a napkin for them. In contrast, when using chopsticks, the top of them should not touch the table. To keep the head of the chopsticks clean, a chopstick rest is needed. When it is not offered, people make their own style of a chopstick rest by holding the cover of the chopsticks.

It was an enjoyable night.



★One more thing:Attention is paid even to the minor part of the eating habits. That is not necessary, but guests would be more satisfied with the dishes.



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