SSK (SunnySide of Kyoto)(+01/367)

I am back to Japan!

Finally, I arrived in KIX at 8:30 local time in Osaka. I came back to Japan after a one-year interval. Everything seems very small (including me). People are generally shorter, and even the luggage trail at Baggage Claim was narrower; airport assistants (mainly young ladies) tried to pick up the bags for the customers because many big ones derailed at the corner bend.

For the last one year, I wrote about what I thought or what I did in mainly Oxford, the UK in Japanese because what I write would annoy or make people angry there. This time, vice versa. With the limited time, although I am not quite sure how much I could continue to write, I would love to focus on what I have found interesting in Kyoto or Japan in English. As some of my friends suggest me, I should be a different person after spending one year in Oxford (AO: After Oxford). Then, I would focus on the good aspects of Japanese culture or behaviors of Japanese people. I would call this series “SunnySide of Kyoto” (SSK, in short).

I hope the readers of this blog will continue to read and support me. Thank you.


★One more thing: Trains are punctual as usual. I took Haruka train from KIX to Kyoto, which was perfectly punctual.



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