This week's Session.

4th period
①VT: What is on your mind at this moment, 10 days before submitting the thesis ?
②Word of this week: Helping people helps you.
③Advice from Dr. Kitao
We heard her wonderful story, and it was good chance for us.
④Looking back the day od thesis submission: from seminar 1 through 17
We knew that there are a lot of surprising stories, and we would like to make a new positive record.

5th period
English playbook: fulfill (約束を)果たす、実現させる
⑤Final check
This was the first time to check graduation thesis during seminar, and we checked the style of graduation thesis like space and font size.
⑥We decided roles. (Time capsule, Album, Video letter, Instagram)

We have 9 days to submit out thesis. Let's enjoy!!
We can do it!!

Convener: Ayaka & Haruna

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