Today’s seminar

4th period

  • VT topic: Share one memorable thing about EVE this year
  • Words of the week:

Writing a graduation thesis is like taking a night train. When we are on the train, we have no idea about where we are because of darkness. However, in the morning,we are surprised to know how far the train has run. As long as you do not get off the train, you will reach the destination. It is similar to writing a thesis. Keep calm and write on! Keep on thinking.Keep on talking with your colleagues. Then you will reach the goal.

  • Chapter 5, Chapter 1, Making a reference list ( How to use Mendeley)

5th period

  • English playbook: endorse
  • Checking materials for thesis
  • Deciding the day when we submit chapter6, 1 and reference list.
  • Discussion about chapter4, 5

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