【9-24 session まとめ】

<4th period>

1. VT: What did you do in this summer?
(Warm-up activity: threw three pieces of paper written key words about summer vacation in a circle)

2. Today's words
"Everybody is busy. It is not only you. Try to think what you can do for the seminar, instead of asking what the seminar will do for you."

3. Checked course schedule of fall semester with handout

4. Discussion in each study group
(about course schedule, activity of study group in fall semestar, goals of study group etc.)

<5th period>

5. English Playbook (p. 79)
303 "Eureka!" 「わかった!これだ!」

6. Checked important events in fall semester
(about graduation thesis, Eve, sports festival, winter overnight program, taking seminar photos)

The NEXT seminar will be held on October 1st.

これから忙しくなると思いますが、Today's wordsでも確認した通り、自分だけではないのだという思いで、メンバー全員で協力して最後の大学生活も充実させていきたいと思います。


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