【7-23 session まとめ : We had ONLY 4th period session!】

1.VT : If you summarize this seminar of this semester this year in one objective or noun, what would be?

2.Today's words
“I am married to a British, but I need 6,000 pounds to renew my VISA next year. I also need to take an English test. This time, I have to take reading and writing sections of test as listening and speaking sections. I doubt if the British government is enforcing a ‘soft racism’ against Asian people.”

      • A conversation with a hotel staff (coming from Singaporean living in the U.K. for one and half year) in Inverness, Scotland (2018.7.14)

3.Reflection of Poster Session
(Discussed what were good and should be changed)

4.Summary of this semester
(Discussed what were achieved and not)

5.Shared information about EVE festival, sports festival, winter overnight program, photography for graduation album

6.The course to take after graduation
(Everyone needs to inform that of coach by the end of July)

The NEXT session will be held on September 24th.


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