Goal of this year and what happened to me recently

I am so sorry that I failed to post on this blog last month. And thank you for your reading.

My goal of this year is to enjoy days with seminar members. I have already realized that I will miss this seminar after graduation. So I’d like to make precious memories with them.

Recently, I helped two people.
One is a foreigner who had got lost in Kyoto station. When he asked me if he was at a correct bus stop, he and I were in the opposite bus stop across the station. Since his bus was leaving in 5 minutes, I ran with him without explanation. He could be in time although I got tired.
The second person I helped is a lady who lied on a flower bed. With others' help, she was successfully carried to hospital in an ambulance. I was relieved. And I thought I want to work that enables me to contribute to many people.


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