The Intern

The third-season topic for our collaborative blog is movies, our favorite movies. When it comes to choosing the best movies that we have ever seen, we soon find out that it is impossible to pick up only one. Therefore we would like to introduce one of our best movies that I have recently seen.

The Intern (My Intern, Japanese title)

I saw this movie approximately two years ago at the theater. Some people might criticize this movie as shallow, but that idea itself is shallow. Most of Seminar 18 members would focus on Anne Hathaway, but it is wrong. The virtual leading performer is Ben, Robert De Niro. He suggests Jules to keep clam and carry on. Ben became a mentor to other colleagues and gave them good lessons. One of my favorite one is the importance of clearing the desktop and trying to think simply. This might be a small thing, but a little difference makes a big difference in the long run. If you missed seeing this movie, go to AV center of the library.



ロバートデニーロは落ち着いて、じっくり行動することを説く。インターンでありながらJulleのメンターだ。彼自身、keep moving しなければ人生は、お金があっても子供がいても虚しいと感じている。それは人生観そのものだ。






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