Japan has a lot of world legacy. For example, Mount Fuji, Heian-jingu and so on. Moreover, Japanese cuisine is recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage.

Japanese people are kind and the place that we live in is safety, but we confront tragedy event. 9 people were killed by the man In Zama, Kanagawa. She was surprised when she knew that news.

Tea ceremony is famous Japanese culture. She was a member of her high school’s tea ceremony club. She has a conviction that we can be relax, so she want many people to know that culture and she want to hold a tea ceremony.

Japan have many nation of world heritage. For example, Mount Fuji, Japanese cuisine and so on. In addition, there are a lot of longitudinal things, such as temples, habits like tea ceremony. She proud of Japan.

Japan has a lot of wonderful companies. Especially, car companies are famous all over the world. For example, Toyota, HONDA and Matsuda or so. They do inspection many times, so they can make decent car.

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