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*summary of our presentation

  • culture-

1. Relation with SLA and Culture : identity and cultures of language learners like how to feel, think and act affect on SLA.
Discussion1: Have you ever experienced such a situation like her? What did you think at that time?

2. Culture shock: Feeling frustrated about your ability to say and do in a new different culture.
Discussion 2: How do you overcome culture shock?

3. Learning Culture: learners overcome culture shock and get second culture acquisition, and then they can succeed to acquire the second language.
Discussion 3: How much does second culture acquisition affect on SLA? Please show the answer with percentage.

Conclusion- Culture and SLA certainly interact with each other.
*We can understood...

・Culture and SLA interact with each order.

・Even if people who have a high motivation and high English skills, they do not want show off by themselves.

・If SL learner feel culture shock, they can acculturate that culture as a SCA.

We had discussed culture a lot, and we concluded that culture was necessary for second language acquisition because we thought that we cannot understand all of the things of the second language without knowing the second culture.
However, it was difficult for us to difine culture acquisition, and to think of English as a lingua franca, our opinion was wrong. Moreover, there are many people who speak English as a first language, but their culture are different from each countries. We should have thought about these aspects with wide view.
However, we still think that knowing and understanding the different culture play a important roll to acquire the second language.

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