VT summary


Her favorite artist is ONE OK ROCK. They are Japanese rock band made of people. She likes Taka, who is the vocalist of the band, and is son between Shinichi Mori and Masako. He is honorable for his parents.


She likes going shopping. Her favorite bland is OPAQUE.CLIP. That bland has a lot of types of clothes. She was diverted in shopping there.


Her favorite graffiti artist is Banksy. He travels all over the world, and draws a lot of graffiti on the wall. However, he is anonymous, so nobody knows him.


Her favorite country is Australia. She has been there twice. She went to Victoria. Her host family took her to the park. Then, she had a chance to feed kangaroo. She was close to kangaroo. She was astonished at feeding kangaroo by hand.


Her favorite artist is Sandaime J Soul Brothers. She went to their concert on September 20th. Her seat was arena. At the beginning of the concert, they appeared in front of her. She could see them and their performance by her eyes. Therefore, she was astonished at closeness.

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