Today's VT of our group

In this Seminar, we talked about our favorite.

Her favorite movie is‘Harry Potter' and she especially likes the first series of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone".
It is the movie she recommends.

Her favorite thing is eating. She likes cucumber the most of all the food. It is not so nutritious food as we think, but she thinks that it is honorable food.

Her favorite person is her mother. When she changes her room, her mother helps her and she brings a kotatsu at her home.
Therefore, she thinks that her mother is honorable person.

Her favorite place is toilet. In the toilet, she likes to spend a long time using her cellphone. However, since her friend dropped own cellphone down the toilet, she says 'be careful' if you do the same thing.

My favorite prefecture is Okinawa. I went to there last year and spent for four days. I visited a lot of tourist spots(Churaumi Aquarium, Kokusai strret, Kourijima and so on). I especially like the sea and traditional foods in Okinawa. I think that the sea of Okinawa is the most beautiful in Japan and I want to visit there many times.


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