This week, we talked about what we did for the last weekend.

she worked on Saturday. when she was working, M.M and C.H came to her shop but they didn't buy anytihng.

she worked at learing commons on Saturday. She did many kinds of tasks like making poster. She met coach and Haruna there.

she ate out to Shushi restaurant to celebrate
her grandmother's 90th birthday on Sunday. After that she started to write the entry.

she went to cafe to eat pancake with C.H.
After that she was headed to Shijo from Shichijo by foots.It took her about 3 hours.

She went to a training camp of her tennis circle. She played 3 games. She won the first prize!! And she got a 腹筋マシーン as a prize.

She had nothing special. She stayed at home and watch TV programs, studied, clean her room, and took a walk.

I went to see 漫才 live of トータルテンボス on Sunday. They were so funny. I could even shake hands with them.

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