Went to the concert

Good evening!

This summer, I went to the concert of my favorite artist. I could join their concert for the first time in two years. I could see them from the arena seat for the first time. The distance between them and me was so close. When I could see them in the opening part of the concert, I reared unconsciously. Their voice and performance were so cool. I was moving and excited very much! I had a great time! I'm going to the concert at the end of this month. I'm looking forward to joining!

この夏は二年ぶりに三代目J Soul Brothersのコンサートに行きました!しかも初めてのアリーナ席で、肉眼でみれて、オープニングで目の前に現れたときは、思わず泣いてしまいました(笑)歌声とパフォーマンスは相変わらずかっこよくて、感動して興奮しました!最高の時間でした!今月末にまたコンサート行くので、むっちゃ楽しみです!ちなみに次はGENERATIONSです。



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