VT in my group

She went shopping this weekend. It seemed that she drove for the first time in a while. Because of this blank, she got scolded by her mother.

She worked to earn money this weekend and skipped a subsequent guidance of her summer internship. She has a plan to go to Tokyo next weekend.

She also did not go to the guidance on Sunday because she could not arrive at her destination on time. In addition, she went to Tokyo academy and studied mathematics.

As she was busy during the last week, she took a rest in her house on the weekend. She could have enough time to write her Entry. Additionally she and her friends went to a festival which was held near her house.

I went to Kyoto intercollegiate festa and helped my juniors who danced there. Although Mai Kuraki came to the festival, I could watch her. I had to stay at the place of my team as a part of my tasks.

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