Summary of VT

Topic: Your Last Weekend

She worked at Harry Potter's area in USJ. Many people came there, because it was three-day weekend. She was tired and got muscle pain.

She joined a tea ceremony in activity of a beauty contest. Every members of the tea ceremony club were kind. When she had pins and needles in her legs, they helped her. The taste of tea was so-so.......

On Saturday, she was relax at home. On Sunday, she joined a fun meeting of volley ball team and she met Shimizu. Also, she enjoyed jump roping with him.

On Saturday, she went shopping with her friend. She ate pasta for dinner at a cafeteria. They wanted to eat yakitori, but the restaurant was crowded. Therefore, they choose pasta. After she said good-bye to her friend, unfortunately, she got lost on her way home.

On Saturday, she read comic books at home the whole day. She enjoyed reading Kekkaishi and she could take a rest. On Sunday, she did homework including ‘entry'.

I worked at restaurant on Saturday. It was so busy day, so I was exhausted. However, I enjoyed having communication with customers. On Sunday, I slept well to remove the tiredness.

I think that everyone had nice weekend even if they got some trouble or tiredness.


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