EGLF project starts today!

Today, we, seminar 18, launches a new project, EGLF (English as a global lingua franca) project, where we present the information about our seminar, our college lives, what we have thought about something, or our interesting experiences. As we are learning and using English as a global lingua franca, we offer information in English as well as in Japanese. While doing this, we intend to explore what English as a global lingua franca is.


1. 若ゼミ18の様子(セッション、アクティビティー)(About our seminar sessions and activities)
2. 若ゼミ18メンバーの大学生活 (About our college lives)
3. 若ゼミ18メンバーが考えたこと (About what we have thought)
4. 若ゼミ18メンバーが経験したこと (About what we experienced)
5. 若ゼミ18メンバーが失敗したこと (About our failures)


2017年9月26日 若本ゼミ18 coach

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