SRA (Mai)

July 3 (Day 7)
"Happy Birthday, Buck" (50 points)
I think that the animals may be able to understand the words which human speaks to them.

“Perseus and Medusa” (25 points)
I read the story for the first time.
Myth is very interesting but sometimes dangerous.

”A Childhood with Pets” (50 points)
I don't have any pets.
I learned from this article that the environment was very important for the pets.

June 29 (Day 6)
“Practice, Practice, Practice” (25 points)
When I was an elementary school student, I experienced the situation like this article.
I wanted to play but I had to study. However, at last, I thought that it was not useless.

"Finger prints" (25 points)
I haven't heard the word, "finger prints", much ever.
We have own finger prints so we can identify an individual.

June 28 (Day 5)
"The Lucky Number" (50 points)
This article was a short story but I was moving.
Billy is a very kind brother!!

“Working Together” (25 points)
Mattew tried to earn some money to buy the game by himself.
It is not easy however it is important thing for him.

June 27 (Day 4)
"Computers, Then and Now" (50 points)
We can do many thing with helping by computers.
For instance, shopping, studying, mailing, and so on.
I can't imagine the world without the computers.

"Snapshots of Memory" (25 points)
I like to take a picture so I have many pictures in my room.
These pictures always reminds me of my various memory.

June 26 (Day 3)
I read the article titled "What's Cooking"(50 points)
I learned that I have to cook or eat with considering about my health.

I also read the article titled "The Tragic Couple"(25 points)
"Romeo and Juliet"is really sad story but I like it very much.
I want to watch the movie again.

June 25 (Day 2)
I read the article titled "Nate's Mystery" (25 points)
My room is also mess so I sometimes can't find some things that I'm looking for.
I must clean my room.....hahaha

I also read the article titled "Ramona's Quilt" (25 points)
When there are many things that I want to do, I may feel tired.
However I think that it is very good thing to me.
If I have many things that I want to do, my life will be more lively!!

June 24 (Day 1)
I read the article titled ”Long Distance Friendship” (25 points)
I have no foreign friends who send me a letter so I envy the author.
I'm sure that exchanging letters with foreign friends is very fun!!

I also read the article titled ”Ken's Coach”(50 points)
I felt that his grandmother is great!! I want to see my grandparents very much.

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