SRA (Kazuho)

○June 30 (Day 7)
"The statue of Liberty"
I learned an interesting story about the statue!

"The Windy City Blues"
I felt a little nervous before leaving to the UK, but the story encouraged me.

○June 29 (Day 6)
“What Bones Do” (25 points)
The reading tells us there are various kinds of bones in our body, and they play important rolls.

“A real Find” (50 points)
I learned the honest will win in the long run.

○June 28 (Day 5)
"What's Cooking" (25 points)
The reading made me think that I should eat or cook healthy food every day.

"The Same, But Not the Same" (50 points)
I ever thought twins are coo, but I knew that there are some troubles as well.

○June 27 (Day 4)
"The Wise Monkey" (25 points)
It was interesting Monkey tease two cats with a tricky idea.

"The Journey of Bob the Bear" (50 points)
It reminded me of my childhood. I remembered I liked playing with dolls. We should treasure toys even if we come not to use it.

○June 26 (Day 3)

“Free to Learn” (25 points)
I think again that I must appreciate the happiness to learn freely.

“Class Project” (50 points)
It’s interesting to compare the differences which sport is popular in the regions.

○June 25 (Day 2)

"The Best Brother in the World" (25 points)
I learned that being generous to others is important in life.

"Happy Birthday, Buck" (50 points)
It sounds interesting to have a parrot who likes talking!

○June 24 (Day 1)

I read the article titled "The Tutor" (25 points)
I learned that we should not judge people by only first impression. It can be often wrong.

I also read the article titled "A Childhood with Pets" (50 points)
I think living with pets is better as they bring happiness and smile to families.
Actually, I'm happy with cute puppy, Hana!! I'm crazy about her haha

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