Last weekend ...

Last weekend, I enjoyed delicious food and glasses of wine. The shop is famous and it is difficult to reserve the seats. My friend reserved it before a month. You can enjoy any kinds of wine only 2100 yen, and you can stay unlimited. I drink more than 5 glasses of wine, and my friends drank almost all of wine. Also, the meals were so delicious. I ate a lot and my favorite meals are gratin of oyster and steak. Everything was great and I want to go there again.

What I do now…
I will start teaching practice tomorrow. I am very nervous and anxious about the class. I do not know how many classes I have to do and the schedule. However, I think that this is a big chance for me, so I want to enjoy teaching practice and make a lot of memories.

Thank you.

From Baby


Last weekend, I went to Tokyo Disney Land and Sea with my family. At that time, I ate the original food of Disney there.

The food I ate was very cute and yummy, but it was a little expensive :'-(

I went on a trip with my family after a long time, and I had fun there. It became one of the my best memory.

Recently, I registered NETFLIX, and I watched American dramas or foreign movies on my free time. My favorite drama is "Thirteen Reasons Why." I have never watched foreign dramas or movies, but thanks to NETFLIX, I had interest.


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